AI Solution for Monitoring Brussels Tram Network

Yuma and STIB-MIVB

Public transportation is the lifeblood of any major city, and Brussels is no exception. The main Brussels transport company (STIB-MIVB) operates over 1,300 vehicles, including trams, buses, and metros, to keep the city moving. The vehicles transport a number equivalent to the entire population of Brussels every single day. With such a critical role, ensuring the efficient and reliable operation of the tram infrastructure is paramount.

On the network, breakdowns of trams, particularly those related to electrical lines, can cause costly delays and frustration among commuters, and hence present a significant challenge for STIB-MIVB.


How to Improve Tram Reliability?

Despite the diligent maintenance efforts by STIB-MIVB, trams tend to break down roughly every two weeks due to issues with electrical lines. These disruptions lead to traffic congestion and an influx of unhappy commuters, highlighting the need for a more proactive and efficient monitoring system. Addressing this challenge involved several key objectives such as anticipating and detecting mechanical problems, creating an efficient monitoring tool for the maintenance staff and optimizing performance and resource consumption.

Revolutionizing Tram Maintenance with AI and Visual Mapping

To tackle this challenge, B12 team partnered with STIB-MIVB and Bagaar to create an innovative monitoring system leveraging advanced AI technology. We developed an AI-based solution capable of processing images to detect key points on electrical lines. This technology provides near real-time data on the network's state, ensuring prompt identification of potential issues. The solution also includes a sophisticated visual platform that maps the gathered data directly onto a dynamic representation of Brussels. This visual interface allows maintenance staff to easily and efficiently diagnose problems daily, significantly enhancing network monitoring capabilities.

To facilitate seamless network maintenance, the system integrates automatic alarms and alerts. The alarms allow the maintenance staff to detect anomalies promptly, allowing for preventive maintenance on trams and electrical lines. By addressing issues before they escalate, we mitigate the risk of major disruptions and ensure smoother operations. The AI-driven solution developed by B12 for STIB-MIVB represents a significant leap forward in public transport management. By combining custom data management with AI-powered video data analysis, we have developed a near real-time monitoring system for the tram network. This project not only assists the maintenance crew in their daily operations but also ensures the reliability and efficiency of the network for the countless commuters who rely on it every day.


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