Cookie statement

What is a cookie?

We make use of cookies on this website. A cookie is a simple small file that is sent along with pages from this website and is stored by your browser on your computer’s hard drive. The information stored therein can be sent back to our servers on a subsequent visit.

Use of permanent cookies

With the help of a permanent cookie we can recognize you when you visit our website again. The website can therefore be specially adjusted to your preferences. Even when you have given permission to place cookies, we can remember this by means of a cookie. Because of this you do not have to repeat your preferences so you save time and can make a more pleasant use of our website. You can delete permanent cookies via your browser settings.

Why does Yuma use cookies?

We use cookies for various purposes:

  • Functional cookies: make our website more user-friendly.
  • Statistics cookies: help us analyse the use of our website.
  • Marketing cookies: are used to share vacancies or web pages via social media and to select relevant advertisements.
Functional cookies: cookies for a user-friendly website

We use functional cookies in order to make our website more user-friendly. You do not have to give permission for these types cookies, because they allow us to give you a better user experience. With the help of a transient cookie we can see which parts of the website you have viewed during your visit. This allows us to adapt our services to the online behaviour of our visitors. These cookies are automatically deleted when you close your web browser.

You can see which systems we use to make our websites more user-friendly. The following cookies can be placed during your visit:

Google Tag Manager. Google Tag Manager (GTM) is an extension of Google Analytics, which provides more detailed data about how users move through the website. This script is used to gain valuable insights into the effectiveness and quality of a website.

Statistics cookies: cookies that help us analyse our website

We use cookies to analyse how visitors use our website. This information helps us improve our services and products.

Google Analytics

When visiting our website, a cookie from the American company Google is placed as part of their “analytics’ service. We use this service to keep track of and receive reports on how visitors use the website. Google can provide this information to third parties if Google is legally obliged to do so, or insofar as third parties process the information on behalf of Google. We have no way to influence these practices. We have however not allowed Google to use the obtained analytics information for other Google services.


To gain insight into who visits our website, we use Hotjar. We activate this functionality only after you have agreed in the cookie permission pop-up.
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