We are Yuma

We are visionaries, dreamers, and doers. Situated in the heart of the Benelux, our family is a mix of over 600 creatives, designers, developers, strategists, engineers, and IT architects. Each one of us is driven by a shared goal: making digital transformation work for everyone. 

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Heartware over hardware.
The future is Yuman.

Technology empowers, but humanity inspires. Our mission? To create digital transformations that genuinely resonate with people. Yes, we acknowledge the undeniable power of technology. But we also firmly believe that at its core, technology needs the human touch.

We're proud of the wide range of skills our team has, coming from many different backgrounds. Every member of the Yuma family brings something unique to the table, ensuring that we provide solutions that are sustainable, pragmatic, and human-centric.

We are yuman
  • Lisha_Lau-02d3832f.jpg
    Lisha Lau
  • Braakman_Thomas_K6A9383_kopie-d37b36d1.jpg
    Thomas Braakman
  • Marina_Imhoff-c38299d3.jpg
    Marina Imkoff
  • Charlotte_Brouwer-7a529c89.jpg
    Charlotte Brouwer
  • Zuiderlicht_Mathijs_zw_2670-39db69c3.jpg
    Mathijs Bronneberg
  • Adam_Lane-711d84a9.jpg
    Adam Lane
  • Maikel_van_der_Laken-484b071c.jpg
    Maikel van der Laken
  • Walter Treur
  • Diederik_van_Braam_van_Vloten_kopie-b248a0f3.jpg
    Diederik van Braam van Vloten
  • Alicia_Castro-b858168d.jpg
    Alicia Castro
  • Kris_Marchi-042a876b.jpg
    Kris Marchi
  • Angele-d331584f.jpg
    Angèle Meisters
  • Gaddu_ZW-800x1067-be85ed1c.jpg
    Gaddu van der Meulen
  • Joey_Laan-9df6eefa.jpg
    Joey Laan
  • Laurent_Cornet-ea804beb.jpg
    Laurent Cornet
  • Carmen_van_Diessen-63659fd1.jpg
    Carmen van Driessen
  • Melianthe_p-8554bf50.jpg
    Melianthe Wouters
  • Maxime_Kramer-af2d932a.jpg
    Maxime Kramer
  • Ellen_van_de_Sande-155bd097.jpg
    Ellen van de Sande
  • Pascal_Laffineur-52837071.jpg
    Pascal Laffineur
  • Luc_ZW-800x1067-7048f9e6.jpg
    Luc Reinders
  • Erik_Lokhorst_kopie-31d4067d.jpg
    Erik Lokhorst
  • Toine_Krook-7e5426a3.jpg
    Toine Krook
  • Steef_Burghouts-82b873be.jpg
    Steef Burghouts
  • Jurgen_Allewijn-0b85324e.jpg
    Jurgen Allewijn
  • Marc_Canisius-ef19d598.jpg
    Marc Canisius
  • Niels_Wissels-83d8dd09.jpg
    Niels Wissels
  • Bryan_Meesters_kopie-5b855429.jpg
    Bryan Meesters
  • Eddy_Wegman-816f068a.jpg
    Eddy Wegman
  • Pieter_Dubois-21f72806.jpg
    Pieter Dubois


We've combined the best-in-class expertise from a range of companies. All experts in their field. This combination allows for a sustainable, pragmatic and human approach to make digital transformations successful. Meet our thought leaders at Aprico Consultants, BPSOLUTIONS, XPLUS, B12, Total Design and Luminis. Meet our companies.

Our group

The power of teamwork

Our partnerships with our clients are important for the impact we create. Building lasting relationships, understanding your unique challenges, and crafting tailored solutions — are what we do best.


We’d love to know you better, just as you're getting to know us. Whether you're a potential partner, a curious visitor, or someone who believes in the Yuman future, we're here to connect.