Improving the talent management process

Yuma and Randstad

Attracting and retaining talent is challenging in all industries. So how can we make maximum use of the data and systems in place to help match available talent to the right job? Randstad Enterprise Solutions (RES) wants to help their clients improve the total talent lifecycle by offering technology services. RES serves the largest, global clients and helps them build talent models that generate maximum business value.


Matching skills and jobs faster with a solid data strategy

With Luminis at their side, Randstad is now able to help match talent much more efficiently for their clients. We jointly developed a new data framework called Data Harbour. This new data platform helps Randstad make use of their data more efficiently and optimize their services for their clients’ Talent Management. The data framework was built using AWS serverless cloud technology, and consists of several autorisation and distribution layers.

“This project is of high strategic importance for Randstad and I felt that Luminis understood my question right away.”
Thomas Jajeh

The right people to get the job done

Randstad wanted us to help build a data platform that is serverless, fast, stable and can be accessed realtime. This was realized with the knowledge, and the understanding of different technologies of our experts. We mapped out their wishes and helped build a platform that entirely changes the recruitment process in a way nobody has done before. The first client experiences of this new data platform showed better results on talent search, and are very promising for a larger rollout.


Mark van Kessel
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