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Yuma and The Learning Network

The Learning Network (TLN) is also known as ‘Van Dijk’s Boekhuis’ and ‘Van Dijk Education’. The chance that your school ordered books from them was quite big. With years of experience, expertise, and relationships with schools it is now the largest educational service provider in the Netherlands. For the past 80 years, they have been providing study materials to pupils, students, and teachers in secondary education, MBO and higher education.

Today, they need to remain competitive, reliable, efficient, and increase revenue. The way to achieve this is to continuously push the boundaries of digital transformation. As a partner, Yuma works with TLN by creating a digital environment in which digitization, customization, and service are extremely important.


Yuman digital transformation

Over a million students and teachers use the online platform to order books and school materials — each year. At Yuma, we believe a successful digital transformation happens when users enjoy using the system, rather than feeling obligated to use it. We focus on understanding what people really want, which helps us create a more user-friendly digital learning environment.


Our services in action

Digital Presence: The webshop serves as the go-to place for students to select their educational materials. Yuma designed it to be both intuitive and responsive to the diverse needs of regions, schools, and individual teaching preferences. It's not just an standard webshop. By prioritizing the user experience, TLN's webshop is not only easy to use but also paves the way for innovation. 
Reimagining Applications: As tech, business and user needs are changing, it’s the agile approach that gives TLN a competitive advantage. Yuma is a key partner in helping TLN to update, upgrade, transition, and integrate its applications without interfering with daily business. The result is a modern application landscape that is ready for innovations.
Digital Transformation: With the market constantly evolving, TNL aimed to adopt a flexible digital approach. Yuma laid the groundwork with a robust yet adaptable IT setup, allowing TLN to consistently enhance the digital side of education. Throughout the collaboration, Yuma played a guiding role. Together, we embarked on several forward-thinking educational projects. This includes the co-created online Catalogue, a teacher-driven platform offering a variety of online resources for secondary education, as well as the development of the webshop.

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