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Yuma and Huuskes

Huuskes is a supplier, producer and knowledge partner in food and drink for healthcare and corporate catering. Since 1956, Huuskes has been working with more than 1,000 employees on tasty and healthy food and drinks for a wide range of customers. The head office is located in Enschede, and there are also six other branches.

Huuskes is successful and growing fast. This is largely due to the company’s progressive strategy, says MT member Gerben Hengeveld, responsible for marketing and business development: “Huuskes is good at food and drink for healthcare providers and company catering. By looking closely and listening to our customers, we create an offer that seamlessly matches the demand.”


“We want more”

This applies not only to the products that Huuskes supplies, but also to the interaction between customer and company; the customer journey.

“Our collaboration with Luminis started in 2011 when we were looking for someone that could help us develop an app for our target group of small-scale residential groups in healthcare. We offer this target group a total concept, including ICT and a digital cooking assistant. We liked this collaboration so much that we also teamed up with Luminis for the redevelopment of our online order module. The new module has been launched and that process has again run very smoothly.”

During the development of the Huuskes “Eten en Zo” app, the practical approach of Luminis was particularly striking; “They take the lead in such a way that ensures the process in an open and honest way,” says Hengeveld. “The people of Luminis keep the goal in mind; an optimal customer experience, and do not hesitate to take a critical stance during the process if that goal is jeopardised. They do what they say and say what they do.”

“As a successful and growing company you have a strong, professional partner in Luminis”
Gerben Hengeveld, Huuskes

Online module

Huuskes’ online ordering module is primarily intended for professionals: cooks and catering managers, for example. They can choose from approximately 35,000 products, and order them directly.

At a certain moment it became clear that the module was due an upgrade. “Nowadays everything works much more visually and flexible than when the module was originally developed,” explains Hengeveld. “That’s why we initially looked at whether we could refresh the front of the module, the user interface. But when we drew up our wish list, it soon became clear that the backend also needed an update. Luminis has also operated excellently during this process. Their approach has resulted in the engine of the module being completely renewed, as it were, on the basis of which we can carry out relevant updates every year. The updated module has been tested by some of our customers, and has then been implemented for all our users.”


René Janssen
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