Modernization of
Mission Critical Applications

Yuma in European Aviation

In this transformative journey, XPLUS contributed with architecture skills developing the technological blueprint for the future of a central player in European aviation. To support the digital transformation programme, we supported the customer’s mission to design and implement a cutting-edge digital platform. A platform that integrates infrastructure abstractions, data mesh architecture, focuses on cyber resilience and provides the integration foundations so that the application teams can reuse the capabilities to build cutting edge modern application architectures.

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Yuman Digital Transformation

At the heart of this transformation lays a fundamental principle: the relationship between human effort and technological progress. 

Apart from the technical solutions, enabling the software teams to productively craft their digital products, our architecture team involved the business in the architecture inception tracks and story mapping. This with a mindset of a sustainable partnership between business and IT.

The team used domain driven architecture, both for the business and technical aspects. And took care of its stakeholder management in a transversal network of parties and teams, to ensure that the platform is built on a foundation that allows further development towards predictive data and artificial intelligence.


Our services in action

Reimagining Applications: In today’s world, applications shouldn’t only be functional, but also transformative. Our architectural solutions contribute to the transformation from monolithical architectures to a modern application landscape, using microservices, cloud-native-software and loosely coupled resilient digital products.

Cybersecurity & assurance: In a world of emerging digital threats, the need for cybersecurity is paramount. The digital platform is designed with a security first approach and cyber resilience in mind. The products that use the platform are more secure by using its built-in best practices.

Cloud architecture: Although we favor cloud native solutions, this choice should never be made dogmatically. Given the context, we have developed a hybrid solution, partly in cloud, partly on premise, that enables further evolution.

The result? A Digital platform that wasn't just technologically superior, but which is in line with the program’s mission and vision.

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