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Yuma and DPG media

DPG Media Group, operating in Belgium, the Netherlands, and Denmark, is a notable player in the media industry. Owned by the Van Thillo family, they employ about 6,000 people. They're a major advertiser in both Dutch and Flemish markets.


The Yuma side of DPG Media

DPG Media aims to combine journalism with commerce to adapt to the fast-changing media environment. Their goal goes beyond financial benefits; it's about building a media platform based on journalism. DPG Media Group competes against BigTech in the advertising arena with advantages like trustworthy content, focused attention, and a gigantic recurrent daily reach. Yuma helped DPG Media transform by designing and developing innovations and platforms for advertising.

Doing business digitally different

The world of media is fast-paced. Traditional banner sales could no longer provide DPG Media with the agility it needed to compete on a digital stage. Moreover, it did not use the genuine competitive advantage of DPG being a trusted content provider. The challenge was not only to steer DPG Media towards the latest digital methodologies but to help embed these methodologies into their market propositions and operations. At Yuma, we believe that introducing technology isn’t the endgame.

The real transformation lies in matching tech to the real needs of users, and how to combine this with human-centric business processes. For DPG Media, it was about ensuring that their commercial propositions, like banners and branded content, were not just digital but digitally different. By shifting the perspective from selling banners to helping advertisers with branded content and multimedia banners as an added service to a significant revenue generator, Yuma helped DPG Media to innovate its business model, positioning them for continuous evolution in the digital age.


Reimagining applications

At the heart of DPG Media's transformation was the digital advertising platform. Yuma understood that the platform DPG Media needed to move away from traditional banner platforms to a new platform in which staff (service) but also clients (self-service) could easily design and implement branded content and multimedia banners. The new platform wasn't just a tool; it was an embodiment of their brand and their relationship with their audience. The challenge was twofold: streamline the platform for internal efficiency and ensure it delivers an unparalleled experience for the users.

Our approach wasn't limited to the application in isolation. We adopted a holistic perspective, diving deep into the entire Software Development Lifecycle. This wasn’t merely about developing new features; it was about discerning the latent business value, and latent user needs, and integrating them into both new and existing functionalities. With a focus on user-centric experiences and cloud-native application architecture patterns, Yuma empowered DPG Media with a platform that’s resilient, adaptive, and ahead of the curve, ensuring they not only compete but lead in the digital media landscape.

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“Yuma understood that the platform DPG Media used wasn't just a tool”

Yuman-centric digital transformation is crucial

DPG Media isn't just another media house; it's an organization that capitalizes on journalistic platforms with commercial propositions. The challenge was to help redefine these commercial propositions in a rapidly evolving media landscape. Total Design (TD) stepped in to innovate DPG Media'’s approach. Initially, branded content was just an added service for premier clients. But with the platform built by TD, branded content transforms the sales-driven platform from a cost centre to a revenue and sales generator. This evolution led to the creation of self-service multimedia banners, a testimony to TD's close collaboration with DPG Media, ensuring optimized capabilities and growth.


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