Sandrine Sage

What attracted you to join XPLUS?

I looked forward to team up with a community of like-minded people. XPLUS focuses on providing the best architecture services possible to clients. The focus on architecture, the support by the community and the various job opportunities gave me the chance to grow in my role of architect.

What do you enjoy most about working for XPLUS?  

I really enjoy working in a community of top-level architects that are passionate about their work. And on top of that, they are always happy to share their experience and advice.

How would you describe the work-life balance at XPLUS? 

XPLUS is a human-centric company, that understands and respects the personal circumstances of its collaborators. It’s up to each collaborator to decide of their involvement in the many activities proposed by XPLUS.  I also find it important that it’s always possible to discuss matters and find agreements.

What makes XPLUS stand out?

The most important element are the people. At XPLUS we have so many passionate top-level architects and program managers. XPLUS take the initiative to make a community of them and creates opportunities to share with each other.

What opportunities for learning and growth have you experienced at XPLUS?

Plenty! I had the chance to follow many trainings and obtained different certificates. XPLUS offers a very interesting and fully flexible training offer, that employees can customize to suit their interests and lifestyle preferences. I also gave training in the XPLUS Academy which was also a learning experience for myself. The chance of meeting XPLUS colleagues of different industries, helped me expand my horizon on the architecture practice.

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