Stephan Reschke

What attracted you to join Total Design?

The possibility to work in a strategic design and branding environment. And to work with big brands in an international environment.

What do you enjoy most about working for Total Design?

I enjoy the independence and autonomy I have in how to do my work and how to manage clients and team. Especially the team and people are the reason for making it fun.

How would you describe the work-life balance at Total Design?

We are having 2 children with different interests and diaries, that need to be organized. Therefore, I do need a certain flexibility in regard to remote working and office hours. Total Design gives me that flexibility, which I highly appreciate. It does result though in working often in the evening to catch up on tasks. And the work/life border vanishes more and more, which is a challenge. But overall, I am happy with the balance.

What makes Total Design stand out / unique?

I believe TD is the only true branding agency left in the Netherlands with international reputation. That alone makes it unique. The progression and development on the digital and technological front is great. I am myself often surprised on everything that we are able to do.

What opportunities for learning and growth have you experienced at Total Design?

Being a team lead responsible for commercial success, team management and client development, I learn every day new things. Also things I do not want to learn, but are part of the job. In that case it is a constant growing.

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