Lutske de Leeuw 

What attracted you to join Luminis?

The human touch of the company. Luminis feels like a 2nd family: my colleagues are super friendly and very supportive. For example, they really want to help me grow on my journey to becoming a renowned speaker and are always available for feedback and support. Another factor that attracted me to work for Luminis is the emphasize on sharing knowledge. The support base for that is so large and really is what I was looking for. The ambition to keep learning and moving forward.

What do you enjoy most about working for Luminis?

The amount of like-minded people that are now my colleagues. My partner also sees this: as soon as I am with my colleagues, my eyes start to sparkle when talking about our shared interests. I also like that your private life and working life are as separate as you want it to be. While the work is kind of 9 to 5, you are free to work other hours if that works better for you and your team.

Describe a memorable company event that stand out to you?

Besides the good atmosphere when working together, I really like the other things we do together as well. For example, we have a lot of internal meet-ups and knowledge sessions, where the nerd in us comes out and we do things like hackathons, playing games and work on other passions. I also really like the socials, when we go do something fun for the weekend with our direct colleagues and everyone’s partners.

What opportunities for learning and growth have you experienced at Luminis?

So many! The biggest one has to be Accelerate, a tailor-made traineeship for top IT-talents that Luminis offers. Also the big support system that helps you is amazing, for example the mentorship program where a more senior colleague helps you finding your way in Luminis and your career.

How does Luminis foster a sense of community and inclusivity amoung its employees?

First of all, because everyone is welcome here. You can really feel this during the knowledge sessions, where we all learn from each other: it doesn’t matter where you come from or what your expertise is, we can all learn from each other. You can always speak out on what you are thinking and if you want to change something, there is always the opportunity to do that. Especially as a woman in tech I find this important. Sometimes I hear about woman at other organizations not being taken seriously. I have never experienced anything like that at Luminis.

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