Dirk Verhoeff

What attracted you to join BPSOLUTIONS? 

BPSOLUTIONS asked me to join as they were taking over certain IT parts of the company I was working at. What attracted me to join was that I knew most of my future colleagues already and trough them had a positive feeling about BPSOLUTIONS. I also preferred to stay in a ‘hands-on’ relation with IT.

What do you enjoy most about working for BPSOLUTIONS?

For me, that would be the opportunity to really delve into technical problems and come to a deeper understanding of the matter involved.

How would you describe the work-life balance at BPSOLUTIONS?

The work life balance at BPSOLUTIONS is fine. I never read mail or teams outside office hours and nobody has a problem with that. They know they can always reach me if necessary, which only happens if there is a real problem. Likewise, I know I can reach anybody if necessary.

What makes BPSOLUTIONS stand out?

A ‘get the job done’ mind set. When there is a problem/issue/question, everyone will work together to get it solved.

What opportunities for learning and growth have you experienced at BPSOLUTIONS?

For me personally, that would be the opportunity to take any subject/expertise and work towards learning and mastering it: there are no ‘reserved fields’ and you are not bound to a specific task.

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